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Jarrah Woodchip Softfall (AS4422)

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A premium diamond-shaped woodchip with a natural red colour – commonly used for commercial and domestic groundcover

Compliant to Australian Standards (AS4422) for Soft-fall compliant surfacing


Made of 100% Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata)

Size: 6 - 34mm* diameter 

*Size is approximate and will vary depending on the time of year the logs are harvested, other variations may be affected by the age, origin and moisture content of the logs when being wood-chipped. If you require this product in a consistent size, please contact us 14 days prior to your supply requirements to pre-order our screening services to meet the particular size you require. This service is subject to availability.

Colour: Red*

*Colour of this product can vary depending on the age and harvest of logs. In some cases, the colour may appear white or light pink before naturally oxidizing in sunlight to a dark red. 

Delivery: 2 cubic meter minimum


Enhances the aesthetic appearance of landscapes

Balances PH levels in most soil types*

Reduces water evaporation

Hard wearing and long lasting material

Regulates moisture retention

Moderates soil temperature

Provides weed control and suppression (when installed at 150mm or more*)

Inhibits weed germination

Sustainably procured and harvested



Soft-fall surfacing ground cover (domestic or commercial use*)

Aesthetics and general decoration

Increasing nitrogen levels in most soils

Optimizing healthy plant growth

Regulating soil temperature

Retaining moisture in most soils

Water conservation (may save up to 88% of moisture evaporation*)

Weed control and general suppression

Ground coverage in windswept areas (heavy)


Soft-fall (1-2m fall height): Install at 200-350mm thickness

Soft-fall (3m fall height): Install at 350mm thickness

Aesthetics: Spread at 30 - 50mm thickness

Water Conservation / Remediation: Spread at 75 - 150mm thickness

Ground Cover: Spread at 50 - 75mm thickness

Top-up: Spread at 50 - 75mm thickness


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