Why choose ecoJarrah?

Perth. We want to give you the best quality Woodchip products in all the land. Sustainably sourced and carbon neutral.

So, why choose ecoJarrah for your garden?


 Score 5% of your purchases as store credit for the future.

With each purchase you make 5% of that total is applied to your name or organization as Store Credit which can be applied to future purchases. Best of all, your Store Credit does not expire. 


 Redeem a Free* Top-up within 24 months.

If you didn't quite get enough or your ecoJarrah has broken down faster than expected contact us to Redeem a free top-up within 24 months after your original order. The volume of your Free* top-up is based on 10% of your original order volume. There is no minimum, just pay for the delivery.


 Plus... every time you choose ecoJarrah for your garden your purchase contributes to new trees being planted in sustainable tree farms across WA!

That's right, we plant trees on a 1:10 ratio to cubic meters. That means for every ten cubic meters, one tree is planted in it's replacement. It's our stand for the future of sustainable WA tree farms and the long jeopardy of native forestry.

You also have the option to Plant a Tree for $5.50 including GST. Just select the option upon checkout or ask one of our team to offset your order. A certification will be sent to you as evidence of your contribution and is fully tax deductible. 

Want to learn more about this initiative and our commitment to sustainability?

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If you have made a purchase with ecoJarrah after July 1st 2017 and you do not have an online account, contact us prior to placing an order to ensure your Store Credit is applied. Purchases made with ecoJarrah prior to July 1st 2017 are not entitled to 5% Store Credit.