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Softfall Woodchip Playground Surfacing

Posted by Nikki Ryan Longno on

Softfall Woodchip is one of the most common undersurfacing materials used for compliant Playground Surfacing, especially in local parks and gardens.  

Compared to other types of undersurfacing, Woodchip has a relatively inexpensive initial capital cost due to its availability. While many suppliers stock a range of Mulches and Woodchips, it's vital to specify playground mulch which has the Australian Standard approval (AS4422). This indicates the product has been tested in accordance with the standard and for which compliance certification, or a test certificate is available. 

Install of this product is easy and does not require special expertise or machinery in small areas. For large areas, mulch can be blown direct from Blower Trucks to the dedicated play areas, or placed by skid-steer machines and raked to an even depth.

The Australian Standard indicates the undersurfacing product must be installed to a depth of 250 to 300 millimetres, subject to the maximum fall height and/or supplier’s specifications.




MulchWA provides complimentary Safety Survey's to new and existing sites where Softfall Woodchip is installed, or is planned to be installed. 


You can contact MulchWA for general advice and information on 1300 850 660


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