Our mission is to become Western Australia's most innovative and sustainable Forestry products manufacturer.

ecoJarrah, a brand of Industry Group, is a Forestry based business focused on the sustainable outcome of private tree plantations and quality production of bark, mulch and woodchip products.

Since the GFC the private farm Forestry industry has been neglected, poorly managed and in some cases abandoned. With thousands of hectares of natural resource desperate for management, we decided to do something about it in attempt to sustain the Agro Forestry and Farm Forestry industry and, of course, Western Australian's natural environment.

 In addition to our harvesting operations, with every cubic meter distributed, we replant a tree in it's replacement. One tree produces approximately 5 cubic meters so that means one tree becomes equivalent to five trees. Support this initiative by choosing ecoJarrah for your bark, mulch and woodchip requirements.